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Our commitment:

1.    Make the most nutritious, shelf-stable and palatable chop available
2.    To source fresh food from the farm or other local growers, buying organic whenever possible for the rest
3.    Producing seasonal varieties for optimal health
4.    Create parrot safe, multi-textured toys for parrots
5.    Share the information so that all parrots can eat healthy whether or not they purchase our food or toys

6.    Keep our prices as low as possible so that anyone can purchase shelf stable healthy chop
7.    Use environmentally friendly and safe packaging
8.    To assist the parrot world by creating

  (until can be established, The Prepared Parrot will assist in all these endeavors to our best ability.)

About Us

Nycki and Anita met online helping a couple rehome two macaws to a lovely lady. They became fast Facebook friends and talked regularly about parrots, advising each other and exploring options together on whatever issues arose.


Anita had an extremely busy lifestyle yet continued in her dream of self-sustainability.  


Nycki, also very overworked, had been researching, making fresh chop with her friends by the bucket full and making parrot toys.  [side note: Through a series of events over the years, one of the those macaws now happily lives with Nycki and Anita.]   


During a conversation, Nycki was talking about her chop and Anita was researching freeze drying foods for 10-20 year shelf life without losing the nutritional value, but more importantly, without losing the flavor.


Her hobby farm wasn’t being utilized to its full potential and sometimes seemed more than Anita could handle on her own.


Nycki started talking about how she loved to garden, grow food and one conversation led to another.  


In June 2022, Nycki and her flock moved to Anita’s farm to try their hands at gardening organic food and freeze drying chop together. 

The Prepared Parrot came about as they discovered that there was a need, especially after watching all the natural disasters on the weather channel, for a fully balance, nutritional chop and could be easily shipped and shelf sustainable.


Something so simple, that it could be easily shipped, then served “as is” or reconstituted by adding clean drinking water, juice or broth. 


Although Nycki had been making chop for years, freeze-drying has a learning curve that can’t be overlooked.  In addition, Anita was very focused on the packaging being environmentally friendly.  


Nycki loves giving her parrots vibrant colors and textures, Anita focused more on fun, form and function. Together, they have created superior functional and fun products for The Prepared Parrot

Our Five Year plan

Our five year business plan is fairly straightforward and simple. 


Regarding our research, recipes, logistics and financials



Year Three: EVALUATE


Year Five: PAY IT FORWARD --- Form

Continuously throughout the first five years, we will continue our research and build funding to create

FB cover for pic in lower middel.jpg


To provide education, sanctuary and emergency supplies


Provide emergency chop shipped to disaster affected areas whenever possible

Help other organizations in rehoming rescued parrots


Create a staffed sanctuary for a limited number of parrots that are otherwise not able to be rehomed or for parrots whose owners have died


Make the sanctuary self-sufficient legacy to thrive years into the future


Provide free resources and education for parrot owners

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