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Nycki has been a life long lover of animals. Although pet birds had been in her life growing up,  in 2009, Nycki got her first parrot, a Jenday Conure named Julio.  She dearly loved it and had quite a bond with it.


While studying nutrition in college, Julio was a constant companion. Later she adopted an African Grey and other birds were left in her care.  At that time, she fed her birds the best the market offered and truly believed that she was doing the “healthy” thing for her babies.

The more she learned about her flock, the more she learned about parrot nutrition and making them a healthy “chop.” A couple of her parrots nested and she became concerned about the male bird, Bongo, becoming weaker as he continually fed the female.  She had recently moved into a place across the street from a food bank.  Curiosity won out in the end, and the food bank allowed her to feed herself healthy foods instead of cheap ones from the store.  It had the added bonus that those same healthy grains, seeds and vegetables could be made into her parrot chop! 

Today, she shares her experiences with others that think they can’t afford to feed their birds healthy food.  She has a mission to “pay it forward” by making healthy, shelf-stable chop available at a reasonable price for every parrot owner.  And has created Bongo Bowls as a tribute to her Bongo who would do everything to feed his mate and babies healthy food. 

The Prepared Parrot has two reasons they do not sell wholesale.  One is that the food is not prepared in a commercial kitchen, is lovingly prepared by hand and then freeze-dried, and is intended for direct use by the purchaser.  The other reason is that The Prepared Parrot feels strongly that wholesale prices should be readily available to everyone.

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