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Why ABC Nutritional Building Blocks?


Vitamin A is an important building block and plays a crucial role in your parrot's health. According to the Merck manual:  "Hypovitaminosis A causes squamous metaplasia of epithelium within the oropharynx, choana, sinuses, GI tract, urogenital tract, reproductive tract, and uropygial gland as well as hyperkeratosis of the feet. All-seed diets and even mixed diets of ½ seeds and ½ pellets (if not portion controlled) are deficient in vitamin A." Whew, that's a mouthful! 


Simply stated, your bird NEEDS Vitamin A to be healthy and happy. We're not veterinarians or scientists. Like most of you, we could not estimate or determine the exact dosage for any bird, and the misuse of a manufactured pure vitamin supplement has its own issues; however, we CAN PROVIDE THE NUTRITIONAL BUILDING BLOCKS that contain naturally occurring Vitamin A, Beta-carotene, and Vitamin A precursors. Your parrot's body only converts Beta-carotene and precursors to Vitamin A if the bird is deficient.


ABC Nutritional Building Blocks is a proprietary blend of sweet potato, carrots, red bell pepper, mango, cayenne, paprika, and spirulina in that order.  This synergistic blend was determined for maximum absorbency of the nutrients. 


In our own practical evaluations (held with multiple flocks), all of our results have been very positive. In one particular assessment, it was given to a couple of very picky eaters who were vitamin deficient. In those few weeks, the parrots ate ABC Nutritional Building Blocks sprinkled on seeds mixed with red palm oil. (1)   In that short time, it greatly improved the points on their choanal papillae! (2) We were so pleased to learn the birds felt better, the owner was happy and that the vet was impressed 😇

Evaluation Notes

(1) It is important to note that all birds were fed their usual diet; therefore, the results could not be contributed to special chop, pellets, or other food of any kind.

(2)  the spikey things on the roof of your bird's mouth are affected by Vitamin A deficiency. You can read more about the choanal papillae here and how a Vitamin A deficiency affects your bird's health.


Note for people owned by persnickety parrots

This is great for your picky eater, the ones that won’t eat veggies and fruits, or the ones that won’t eat red and orange! There is cayenne in it, but the flavor is fairly neutral. ABC Nutritional Building Blocks was tested in many households with large flocks of varying species and food preferences. To date, it has not been rejected by any bird. Doesn't mean it can't happen, but we're fairly confident your picky eater will love it too!


Our ingredients include a proprietary blend of sweet potato, carrots, red bell pepper, mango, cayenne, paprika, and spirulina in that order.  It is freeze-dried for your convenience. Once it is opened, air may affect the freshness.  Freeze-dried food loses none of its nutrition, taste or smell.  Please do not confuse freeze-dried food with dehydrated food. Most of our clients use this product upon receipt.  If you are intending to store this product for longer than a few months, please contact us for a custom package with an oxygen absorber included.

Simple to administer

Simply sprinkle a small amount on damp or sticky foods, such as chop, birdie bread, or as a topper to food mixed with quality red palm oil. Recommended use is two times a week minimum.

The packaging is a resealable bag, designed for short term use once opened.  If your intentions are to store this product for long term, please do not open it until you are going to use it or store in an airtight container that can be resealed. 


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