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Anita has always loved animals.  During childhood, the family kept parakieets as pets, as well as all the critters that were brought home to rescue from a rat to an alligator.


As a young teenager, Anita felt a kindship with a pet store cockatiel, Cosmo.  After much saving, Cosmo was freed from that glass box and came home with Anita. The magic relationship she formed with this bird would greatly effect her entire life.  

During her young adult years, she was very involved with the parrot business for over a decade, affection training birds and was even partnered in a parrot roller skating business.


Whenever possible, she incorporated psittaciforms into her studies, which remained a life long hobby.

After several years working with an engineering consulting company as a manager, she moved and began a legal career which morphed into a career in emergency management and recovery. During this time, she and her late husband purchased a 5 acre parcel with the intent of homesteading and becoming self-sufficient. He passed away in 2011, leaving her to continue the dream on her own.  

Upon retiring, she studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and let her love of parrots reenter her life anew.


She had remarried; however, in 2018, her husband suffered a severe stroke and she became his full time caregiver for many years.


Regardless, she continued to work on building her homestead whenever possible and has continued in her passion for parrots. 

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