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(503) 396-8668 Call/Text

For customer service or research questions, call or text Anita (971) 203-8220

For custom orders or to speak directly to our Chop Chef , call or text Nycki (503) 369-4771

We want you to know that when it comes to parrots

   •    we are your personal shopper
   •    we are your parrot’s personal chef 
   •    we are your provider of “to go” happy meals for parrots
   •    we are your lightweight choice when you travel with your parrot
   •    we are your environmental conscience
   •    we are the toymaker of safe, fun and foraging textured toys
   •    we are a resource for your questions  - and if we don’t know the answer,                   we’ll help you find it
   •    we are your convenient source, shipping straight to your mailbox
   •    we are your partner in caring for your parrot
   •    we are THE PREPARED PARROT


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