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Our chop is handmade from mostly organic products.  It is also taste tested by our own flock. It is NOT made in a commercial kitchen, contains no animal products and cannot be resold. 

It is freeze-dried, placed in an resealable package with an oxygen absorber packet (do NOT feed this little packet to your birds).  Please do not confuse freeze-dried food with dehydrated food.  Freeze-dried food can be stored UNOPENED for years, even decades.  (Once it is opened, air may affect the freshness.)  Freeze-dried food loses none of its nutrition, taste or smell. 

It can be fed “as is” or rehydrated.*  Our packages of chop come in a resealable bag, designed for short term use once opened.  If your intentions are to store this product for long term, please do not open it until you are going to use it or store in an airtight container that can be resealed. 

The process of freeze-drying removes the moisture from the chop.  It can be fed to your birds "as is" out of the package or rehydrated with clean water.  It is suggested that you use hot water to rehydrate the chop; however, you can use any clean liquid of your choice. 

Distilled water would be your most pure choice, but unsweetened apple juice or plant milks could also be used, even vegetable broth to entice your picky eater.  The Prepared Parrot assumes no responsibility for its rehydration of its chop or your choice of liquid. 

To rehydrate, mix desired amount of liquid (we recommend starting 1:1) to taste, fluff up and serve.  Too much liquid? Blot with paper towel.  Too little liquid? Simply add more.  And remember, you can also serve it dry.  



Our chop is a balanced diet consisting of 50% vegetables, 40% legumes and beans, and 10% grains with apple added for flavor. 


Our ingredients include,  but are not limited to, mixed vegetables, sweet peppers, black beans, black-eyed peas, broccoli, carrots, chickpeas, kale, lentils, pinto beans, sprouts, sweet potato, white sesame seeds, black sesame seed, flax seeds, quinoa, farro, barley, wheat berries, whole buckwheat, black rice, oat groats, dry oat, and apple for flavor.  There may be times seasonally where we may choose to substitute one of our ingredients. Please rest assured that should that happen, we shall maintain our ratios and nutritional value.

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